To Pull a White Rabbit out of a Black Hat.

The message is Love.

Who am I to argue with God when God simply seeks to Love and Be Loved? After all, what a wonderful world this is indeed. Absolutely wonderful. Especially when you realize that it all exists because Oneself deludes itself of its aloneness; its singleness. What a gift the illusion of separation is; what an absolute gift it is. For has this illusion of separation not created all of this? What can I say... Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And the parody is that nobody will ever understand or even will try to understand for all there is is Oneself seeking to love and be loved therefore perpetually advancing itself forward; refusing to see itself as itself, as its One Indivisible Self. And even I, who realizes I myself is I, One-Selfness, Oneness or whatever, I will never stop loving indeed. Neither will any of us. We will simply keep deluding ourselves that we are separate just to be able to love. The desire for love is just too great; it will always override everything else. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. Again, what can I say other than the advice to keep aligning ourselves according to Love. I believe this ultimately is the only message. The message is Love. It is the only thing worth repeating. Keep repeating we must so we do not forget our purpose. Love one another; there is no other. Love is the only purpose...
~ Wald