Love is always who we are.

Love is your real nature. I want you to realize that you do not have to become Love; you are Love. It is always who you are, even if you tried everything possible not to be Love, you would still be Love. Love is the self-existent reality that upholds all including you. There is, therefore, nothing you need to do or change. Neither is there a life-long learning curve to become aware of the truth. You already are the truth itself. Love is you as you are. You are pure Love. You are Love in Human Form. Not seeing yourself as Love is an illusory dream state; it is caused by incomplete self-realization or ignorance. I can personally guarantee you that you are Love itself. Please see yourself as such for you really are. Love is existence. It is you. You exist. You are Love.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos