All there is is Oneself experiencing Itself.

The answer as to the beginning of the universe or how the universe was created is simple. Oneself is how the universe began. In fact; that which is called the universe is Oneself calling itself the universe. There never has, is, nor ever will be anything but Oneself as in One Undivided Self experiencing itself. According to the standard Big Bang model, the universe was born during a period of inflation that began about 13.8 billion years ago. But time is an abstraction that exists so Oneself can ground itself. It thus is irrelevant. Now back to the original - how was the universe created - question. Oneself gave birth to itself. All there ever was, is, or will be is this one undivided self that is self, hence Oneself. Oneself is all of us as One for we are. As I have previously stated; Oneself experiences itself as multiplicity and veils itself to escape aloneness. But multiplicity is always Oneself. So it goes that in the beginning was Oneself. Oneself without awareness of itself (000. Ayin Nothing; אין). Oneself slowly became aware of itself (00. Ein Sof Limitlessness; אין סוף).  This is before self-manifestation took place. Oneself experienced crippling loneliness. Oneself inhaled (Tzimtzum, Contraction; צמצום) before breathing itself into its own (hence ॐ) manifestation and bang indeed; there was Oneself in all its splendor. Oneself multiplied itself while remaining itself. Division it thus is not. Multiplication yes but even that is an abstraction for there never were, are, nor ever will be any others. All there is is Oneself experiencing itself as itself. Oneself Itself Always Is. All is always G-d. It is therefore that I bow to the divinity that is all of us as one for we are. What we must remember is that the purpose of why we gave birth to ourselves is Love, Warmth and Togetherness. Wherever we go or whoever we meet; there is Oneself. Love all, See all as Self. It is very simple really.
~ Wald