The Son and the Father are One.

Fear is not knowing 'God itself is'. Let me illustrate this with something that happened just a few moments ago. I was in the kitchen making Angel Hair for my son and there was this beautiful fly that was trying to escape on the window in front of me. Naturally, I tried to catch the fly so I could release it outside. But the fly was scared; it was afraid so it flew away towards its own premature end which was completely unnecessary if it had just realized that I was trying to help it; if it had realized it was I. So it goes with that which humanity calls God. God is Oneself and Oneself continuously seeks to uplift itself forward, for ever better. There where otherness is perceived is only this one undivided self. This Oneself itself is. It is all that is as One for it is, it is all of you as One for you are. Fear thus not for all is always God indeed.
~ Wald