Help Stop Coronavirus: Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Covid-19

Sweethearts. All is Always G-d. I promise. But you must protect your beautiful self AND each other. Life is a very precious gift! GLOBAL GUIDELINES/ALL NATIONS/ALL STATES/ALL CITIES/ALL TOWNS: NO EXCEPTIONS. Stay indoors as much as possible. STRICTLY NO travel, NO parties, NO events, NO meetings, NO groups, NO gatherings: MAXIMUM 2 People. Keep 7' (2.1 meters) distance. AVOID going outside. Limit shopping 1 x week and stock up to limit shopping trips (plan ahead)! Wash your beautiful hands, do not touch your lovely faces, cough in your sweet elbow. Feel only Love. Love All. All One. Stay Safe. Do not listen to people who are telling you that the Virus is over. I will tell you when it is OK and will update or delete this post when ready. YOU ARE far too PRECIOUS so all of us want you to stay around for many more years to come alright? Please do this for me. Listen and adhere to the above guidelines please.  More info can be found here.
~ Love