Monad Itself Is / Oneself Itself Is.

There is no 'my' philosophy; there is only us as One for we are, that is to say, there is only all that is as One for it is: it is Oneself; Oneself Itself Is. All there is is Oneself and there is nothing that Oneself is not. Using simple reductionism leads to understanding Oneself(ness). Oneself can know itself by its own reality > Oneself knows itself by its own reality > Oneself is reality (itself) > Oneself (it)Self Is > Oneself Is. Sure, some words were left out for words are abstractions after all. Oneself is reality; reality is Oneself. Is realizing Oneselfness absolute monism? It is Monad realizing it itself is Monad, i.e., Oneself realizing it is itself. There are no false appearances other than ignorance of Self not knowing it is One undifferentiated Self and perceiving separateness where there is only itself. All there is, is us as One for we are, — Love, warmth, togetherness is all that matters.
~ Wald Wassermann