Otherness is Illusioned.

We can best honor God by loving each other, that much is sure. But there's more. Perhaps it's time to be honest with ourselves.  Perhaps it is time not only to stop differentiating between nationality, religion or race but to look further than that; or closer to who we really are. God is not just humankind; it is all that is. God is the water, it is the air, it is the Earth. Whenever we wake up, let us greet one another as God for all of us are God without exception. Whenever we go out for a walk, let us meet the air as God. Whenever we eat food, let us greet our food as God. And lastly, let us remember that God is Self. The water is Self. The air is Self. The Earth is Self. All that is, is One Self. This One indivisible Self (it)Self Is (God). So let us love all for all is Self. Let us love one another for there is no other. Thank you and remember; all is always God. Now go and Love!
~ Wald Wassermann