All is always Good quite literally so.

It was once said that everything in this universe is mortal from stars to galaxies to life itself. I hold an entirely different opinion. The concept of mortality is an abstraction. What is the Universe after all? Is it not one unified whole? Of course, it is. How could we be separated from this whole? It is not possible. We are the whole experiencing itself as itself! Seeing ourselves as separate from the universe is an illusion.  There is only this one unified whole that perpetually births and forms itself anew. We are this whole. So what dies then? Nothing. Death is an abstraction. It's only the embodiment or rather the densification that dissolves. What does it mean? There is no such thing as death. When it is said that the Universe cannot die, it means that Oneself cannot die for Oneself is the Universe.  There's nothing to fear. How could Oneself fear itself? It is absurd. What it means is that 'we' are the eternal One. There is no 'we' in reality, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as plurality for the purpose of companionship out of loneliness. I'll name the above the 'Einselb Interpretation' and dedicate it to Werner Heisenberg. Please note, however, that it is not a theory, but a scientific fact as most of my colleagues in quantum physics will confirm. All is always Good quite literally so. Simply see all as Self and Love one another for the other is nothing but you.
~ Wald Wassermann