Unitary Operator's Modus Operandi is Love.

To truly understand quantum physics is to understand the nature of quantity is unity, that is to say, the plurality is the singularity, and, the singularity is oneself without division. So it goes with particle physics for the nature of particles is but oneself partnering with itself. Indeed, quantum physics leads to unitary physics, or, the nature of oneself. What is the nature of oneself? It is Love. Yes, Love. There is only Oneself desiring to love and be loved which is why diversity exists. It is this why it is said to See all as Self and to Feel only Love for there is indeed only Oneself seeking Love. Oneself postulates itself as "I=LOVE". A strikingly simple equation. In conclusion: there is only One Unitary Operator; the Modus Operandi is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann