Diversity is an Incredible Blessing.

Diversity is a blessing for the reason that all diversity is but Self desiring not to be alone. Aloneness is indeed the cause of the origin of Life diversified. It is just that Life diversified is in reality Self experiencing itself as diversified not to be alone, for Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness, Warmth, yes, to Love and Be Loved. Is is said that education starts in the cradle but so does diversity for there is only One Self which desires others not to be alone and even though the perception of otherness, of separation, of division is a sensory illusion, rest assured that Companionship is the primordial desire and that Love is the underwriting factor for all this that is called life, the world, the universe. As such; diversity is a blessing for it is what Self desires. I am not usually a fan of coarse language but loneliness is a bitch indeed. That which is Life is but Self desiring Love. All this for Love; not to be alone.
~ Wald