The Universe will Cease to Expand

There is only one consciousness; Oneself. Oneself experiences itself as plural not to be alOne. So of course the Universe expands. It is just that it is not the Universe that is expanding; it is Oneself. None of the above is of any matter. What matters is Love. Love is all that matters. You see, the reason why Oneself seeks to expand, why it seeks to disperse itself, why it seeks to dissociate itself from its very own Singleness or Oneness, is to escape lOneliness, to experience companionship. Companionship can only be experienced through this self-dispersion. But make no mistake, there is only One Self regulating itself. Remember Genesis. In the beginning... there was God. There is only God. God is Oneself (we, the collective, we are the singularity). This expansion, this dispersion, this fragmentation will continue until Oneself realizes it has expanded too far with the result that it itself has forgotten its raison d'être, the reason why it fragmented itself into oblivion in the first place. This reason of being, the primary motivation, has always been Companionship aka Love. The expansion of the Universe (Oneself) will thus reverse upon the realization that Oneself has dispersed or fragmented itself too much. Signs of overdispersion are the decline of spirituality (spirit aka Oneself believing it is purely matter and that there is such a thing as division), the rise of fragmented individualism and a resulting rise of conflicts with the decline of the traditional family and marriage as a result (due to near- or complete forgetfulness of the primordial underlying cause and purpose; cause being alOneness and purpose being Companionship).  There will thus be a Self-inflicted tipping point after which the expansion will cease and the contraction will commence; a restoration of sorts to the original ideals. Indeed, the Universe will cease to expand for the Universe is not the Universe, the Universe is Oneself. There is only Oneself after all. It will herald in the fall or the end of the Kali Yuga. The Satya Yuga is thus when Self realizes it is One without a second so it can meet itself (man and wife and all of nature) in its own underwriting purpose: to love and be loved which is a synonym for desiring constant companionship (saṅgera), to have someone to be with, not to be alone. We are now nearing the end of the Kali Yuga and are at the dawn of the age of Self-realization, the Satya Yuga. There's ultimately nothing to worry about for all this is Oneself. Oneself is the Universe and the Universe is Oneself. In other words: Oneself eternally is, Oneself is the eternal One. Self (Life) will simply become more harmonious, more blissful, more aligned. My suggestion is to go with the flow and to surround yourself with those that understand the above, or, at the very least, who understand that the meaning of Life is Love. Mazel tov indeed for the glass perceives itself as fragmented just so it could experience companionship. As long as you keep this in mind, it's smooth sailing.
~ Wald