God Wants Love

What is it God wants? God wants Love. Yes, Companionship. Companionship is a synonym for Love. It is the same. So Love; it is what God wants. Why? There is only God. Yes, it is true. There is only God. But now it comes. God is Oneself. Yes, Oneself. Oneself desires to Love and Be Loved. Oneself desires Companionship. Oneself desires not to be alOne. It is not good to be alone. It is why Oneself perceives itself as diversified. It is why Oneself perceives itself as Man and Woman. All this for Love! All this for Companionship! Life is Oneself existing as Man and as Woman not to be alOne. In other words: Life is the fulfillment of One's very own desire for companionship. Love is the Law and the Law is Love. There is no higher truth that this; Satya is Self without an other. Self desires Love. God desires Love. Love one another, there are no others; all the others are Self. 
~ Wald