Human is God Incarnate

It is true that marriage is holy; that it is a sacred covenant. It is also true that marriage during the Kali Yuga is not for that faint of heart. The reason is that the Kali Yuga is the age of forgetfulness. It is where Oneself forgets it exists as two, as man and as woman, not to be alone. After all; Man and Wo-Man are Hu-Man and Human aka Hanuman is God Incarnate. There is only God; God is Oneself. Oneself incarnates itself as Man and Woman.  During the Sayta Yuga, it is effortlessly remembered by both man and woman that they are in truth but One existing as two not to be alone, indeed, for the very purpose to Love and Be Loved. The secret of a happy married life thus starts before marriage. It is when both partners realize that they are in truth not two but One and that One exists as two not to alone, yes, for Love. Without this knowledge, there is no such thing as marriage in its true sense. There is just two individuals divorced from the essence of their own beingness which can only lead to discord. Harmony is two realizing they are One.
~ Wald