Love is the One and only Purpose

The purpose of Life is not renunciation or the annihilation of lust, craving and desires. The purpose of Life is to understand One's very own primordial desire is Love aka Companionship and to align with this desire in this Lifetime. In other words; it is to realize Oneself is many (or man and woman) for the very purpose of Companionship. As such it is correct to note that the purpose of Life is Love. Love is indeed the only purpose. Harmony is Oneself embracing itself in its existential purpose; Love. Hence the concept of Human. Human is Hanuman and Hanuman is Rama. God is. Oneself is. God desires Love. Oneself desires Love. Very simple. Oneself embraces itself out of the need for companionship. Everything is in constant companionship rightfully so for it is what Oneself desires. All this is Oneself desiring Love. Surrender to Love we must.
~ Wald