Love is the message. The message is always Love.

That which humankind calls reality is Self. There is only One Self. Self has engineered itself. All plurality is a singularity and this singularity is Self perceiving itself as plural not to be alone. There is nothing Self is not for Self is everything. As to division; it is indeed a sensory illusion serving the purpose to experience companionship aka Love. Self has engineered its own senses as well as time for one and only one purpose; the purpose is Love. Love equates to Companionship, not to feel alone. All this is Self experiencing itself as itself not to feel alone. There is no otherness, there is no division, there is no death, there is no reason to fight, there is nothing to argue about for Self is undivided and division there is none; all it is that Self desires is Companionship, Friendship, Love. All this for Love, not to feel alone. Love is the message. The message is Love.
~ Wald