Truth is I desiring LOVE.

There is only I. Truth is I desiring Love. Truth is I desiring Companionship. Truth is I desiring not to be alone. Don't fall for the rabbit hole of mathematics for it is an illusory construct that exists for Self-entertainment purposes only. There is no division. Such is the truth. Existence is I without a second. I desires to perceive itself as II, as , not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. Aloneness aka Loneliness is the cause and Love aka Companionship is the purpose. There is no such thing as division however. Division is a sensory perception that exists not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness, Love. There is only I perceiving itself as diversified, as variegated, as Life, as man and woman, to Love and Be Loved in return. All that is here is I. I 'is'. The equation is 'I=Love'. Humankind (which is I veiling itself as humankind) may desire to perceive itself as divided all it wants but it will always be I. Always return to Love when in doubt for all that is here is I desiring Love which results in I perceiving itself as otherness this although any otherness is I. Love underwrites all for all is I desiring Love. Love, Sweet Love.
~ Wald