Abiogenesis? Think Suigenesis instead. The Origin of Life is Self.

The correct answer to the question - what is the origin of Life? - is Self. You see; Life is Self. Self has called itself Life and the whole dictionary (see Tower of Babel). Life is Self experiencing itself as itself. There never was, is, nor ever will be anything other but Self. Self is One. Oneself Is. Otherness is a sensory illusion. The illusion exist for the purpose not to feel alone. Aloneness is the cause and Companionship is the purpose. The purpose of Life diversified is Self desiring Love for Life diversified is Self experiencing itself as diversified not to be alone. All that is here is Self; Self desiring Love. Unbelievable but very true. Abiogenesis is a fallacy. The origin of Life is Self. Suigenesis it is. There is only Self desiring Love. 'I=Love' is the only correct equation, every other equation is nincompoop, petit cinema, maya without manna. All this not to feel alone, for Love!
~ Wald