Body of Love

The answer to the question - what happens after death? - is that there is no death. The wave is the ocean for is it not the ocean which is the wave? Naturally both are one and the same. That which is, always is. There is no division in the kingdom of oceanic love. Self is reality in its totality, undivided, and any diversity or otherness is Self-perceived so Self (we, humankind including but not limited to all other species) could experience Togetherness, Companionship, Love. In other words; birth and death are part of one thing, this one thing is no thing but Self (consciousness). Self is always one. Oneself always is. There is no death in this oceanic body of Love. Self itself is. Self always is. See not the abstraction but reality in its totality. Reality in its totality is Self. Self stages its own manifold births and deaths but these are all Self. All life is Self. It is Self which desires to experience itself as life diversified. So Self is. Diversity exists not to feel alone, for playfulness, to experience Companionship and Friendship, to be able to Love and Be Loved in return. This is the meaning of Life. Life is Self experiencing itself as Life diversified to consummate this innate longing for partnership. When it is said that the purpose of God is Love it means that the purpose of Self is Love.