Amor Est Spiritus Qui Spiritus Alet.

The answer to the question as to how to overcome any divide - be it personal or political - is to realize there is no divide, there is no division, there is no separation for 'truth is one, division is none'. Seriously? Yes. Self is diverse, variegated and polarized as certain as ebb and flow, night and day, male and female. Yet superficial looks can be deceiving for that which perceives polarization verily is Self. Self has engineered its own polarization not to be by itself. Any otherness, any polarization is Self-desired, Self-created and Self-perceived by Self. No NOT for the purpose to cause Oneself suffering. Yes for the purpose Companionship otherwise known as Love. In nuce. Self is diverse to consummate this innate longing for Companionship Yes Love. Hence why it is said 'I Love'. For Love is the essence of I. I is essentially Love. Genesis is Amoris. Spiritus Amor Est, i.e., Swéprēm.
~ Wald Wassermann