Let Us Love as True Romans Do.

At any time, there is only Oneself, there is only God, naturally always undivided for there is nothing outside God, there is nothing outside Self. Is God Self? Yes. God is Self. Why? Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Ultimate reality is Self Undivided perceiving itself as Diverse for Love. Word? Yes I Am (Χ™Χ©Χ•Χ’) certain the wor(l)d is Self, the universe is Self, the cosmos is Self. When it comes to realizing Self is the eternal one (teo as in θΡό); perhaps it is first understood that reality is the result of Self not wanting to be by itself otherwise known as 'cosmic or univeral loneliness', i.e., 'it is not G-d to be alone' meaning 'G-d desires not to be alone or by itself'. Ultimately the words 'the result of' can be left out of the first sentence for 'reality is Self' as there is nothing but Self; undivided, eternal, evergood. Now. What is Self to do when it is conscious of its very own loneliness? Self spaces itself this in order to embrace itself, Ha(nu)man-Rama aka Human-God style, through its Self-perceived otherness. Yet all otherness is Self. Self perceives itself as otherness to experience togetherness. What it means is that all diversity is Self. All variegation is Self. Life is Self. So I(t) is. Self is Life diversified. Life diversified serves the purpose so Self could experience Companionship; Life diversified serves the purpose so self could Love. How else could Self Love? Self-diversification is the only method possible for Self too consumate this Innate longing for Companionship, for Love, for Friendship, for Togetherness. Naturally spacetime exists for Love. Space to embrace and time for Love. In conclusion; all is always G-d; the purpose of G-d/Self is Love. Simplex Unisex. G-d is Love equates to Self is Love. It's all good in the hood.
~ Wald Wassermann