Self-Realization and the Meaning of Shiva's Third Eye and Symbolism.

Which deity should be worshiped in kali yuga? The kali yuga is the age of forgetfulness that self is eternally one and that self is the eternal one. In other words. The kali yuga is when the mist droplets born out of the waves which were born out of the sea forgot they are verily the sea; this one prema sagara or one sea of love which is self () and that it is self which has conceived itself to perceive itself as differentiated, as diverse so not to be by itself and this for the purpose of self-companionship, self-friendship, self-love. So which deity should be worshipped during the kali yuga? Simply remain steadfast in your realization that all this is self (for it is) and love all/everyone for such is indeed one’s purpose. In conclusion. Om eka. Om prem. Om shanti. This is the correct order of self-realization. As an added bonus. It is the way to achieve rasa. It is this why it is said that ananda or bliss is the eternal companion of buddhahood for buddhahood means realizing all this is self, that there is only oneself (en-light).
~ Wald Wassermann