The True Meaning of The Theory of Evolution.

What does it mean when it is said that our destiny is not death but the realization of i am otherwise known as ayam, om, aum or even yeshiva, yeshua or simply sve or sva. Here's the answer. All this is self experiencing itself as self-differentiated for companionship. What it means is that life is an emergent property of self and that self is, irrelevant of time, eternally one and the eternal one not wanting to be alone. Hence the purpose of self. The purpose of self is companionship. The purpose of self is friendship. The purpose of self is love. As such the true meaning of the theory of evolution in biology. Theos or the word is self and self is love in action. All this is self embracing itself. Last but not least. String theory is svatantra in reality.
~ Wald Wassermann