Self is Love.

Is Jesus polyamourous? Abstractly speaking yes. Why? Jesus is Yeshua and Yeshua is Yeshiva and the meaning of Yeshiva is One Self or Yes I Am; it's origin derived from the Sanskrit word Shiva which in return was derived from the Sanskrit and Proto-Indo European words Shva, ลšvฤ, Sva and Sve (hence Sveridge aka Sweden the birth country of Elsa, Sven - see the connection :) - and Kristof). What it means is that "all this is Self and that Self is all' and that Self is self-differentiated (biodiverse) but undivided for the purpose of love. If you understand this, you have realized Christ-consciousness meaning you have realized all is Self hence why you will naturally 'Love All'. Truth to be told. The correct term is Uniamorous instead of Polyamorous since all Quanta is in reality the Singularity aka Self. But that's too deep. The term polyamorous is quite alright in this day and age. Simplified. Love all. All one. One love. Blessings.
~ Wald Wassermann