From Singularity to Complexity: A Deeper Understanding of the Cosmos.

In pondering about the genesis of our universe, we may discover fruitful parallels in the realm of biology for they are overlapping fields. The concept of self-differentiation, wherein a single entity manifests itself as diverse forms, as bio diverse, known in biology as 'a bio genesis' (from a- 'one' + Greek bios 'self' + genesis 'origin'), resonates deeply with the phenomenon of the Big Bang. This transformative moment in the cosmos represents a birth of complexity from simplicity, akin to a seed blooming into manifold expressions of life, undivided yet self-differentiated.

Moreover, the Initial Singularity can be understood as a state of pure undifferentiated oneness, longing and potentiality, preceding the emergence of it expressing itself in distinct forms, for love. In this sense, the Big Bang may be perceived as a manifestation of the universe's inherent drive towards diversity and self-expression, with the Initial Singularity representing the ultimate source from which this drive emanated.

By examining these concepts through the lens of biology, we may deepen our comprehension of our cosmic origins and the nature of existence itself. Furthermore, we can realize that the underlying reason for the diversity of the universe is identical to the force that compels us. Inevitably, we shall as such come to the realization that 'the significance of existence is rather uncomplicated and self-evident: the purpose of it all, the reason of life, is love'.
~ Wald Wassermann