Love Spontaneously Creates Its Self 'Creatio ex Caritate'.

‘Creatio ex Caritate’: when Love spontaneously creates its self. Love causes spontaneous creation of the Universe, Earth, and Life; all of these are fully Love, and so it goes... That's about all there is to it. — Questions regarding the creation of the Universe, Earth, and Life and 'what was there' before it all came into existence have been of great interest to humanity at all times. Many metaphysical, philosophical and scientific suggestions have been presented during the ages including the currently most accepted theory of the Big-Bang nucleosynthesis with all its strings and things. They all fail to address this one unifying underlying reality that allows all these cosmological theories to be expressed in the first place. No thing is uncaused except for 'that' what causes itself; this is Love. The first law that dictates existence is very simple: in order to exist, one must be Love. Thus... 'Love is Law'. This goes for both cause and effect. Only Love causes spontaneous creation. Love creates the universe, the universe is fully Love itself. Spontaneous creation is an act of Love from Love; 'Self Love' would be highly accurate if one were to describe it. Perhaps this then is why it is said that 'God is Love' for God is Love itself; one and the same. One could say that 'God is self-birthing' but God IS Love so 'Love is self-birthing'. Both statements are valid. Love is the first cause for it causes its self. Love is self-creating. Creation is fully Love. Love-realization leads to a big cognitive shift. All that is caused by the first cause is fully Love itself (at different stages of self-realization; realizing it is 'literally' Love itself). Love is self-existential realism. Without Love, we would not be experiencing ourselves. We can only experience ourselves for we are Love. The first truth is self-evident, it is us, Love, for we are. We are not figuratively but literally Love. Love one another, there is no other, there is only Love. And yes, you may continue to call this God or whatever you feel comfortable with, it is just that I call it Love.
~ Wald Wassermann