God is Self Love: Self Love Underwrites Existence.

Self Love is (the very foundation of) existence. Self Love causes spontaneous creation of the Universe, Earth, and Life; all of these are fully Self Love itself, and so it goes... That's about all there is to it. — Questions regarding the creation of the Universe, Earth, and Life and 'what was there' before it all came into existence have been of great interest to humanity at all times. Many metaphysical, philosophical, scientific suggestions have been presented during the ages including the theory of the Big-Bang nucleosynthesis with all its strings and things. They all fail to address this one unifying underlying reality that allows all these cosmological theories to be expressed in the first place. No thing is uncaused except for 'that' what drives it to cause its self; this is Self Love. Self Love lies at the heart of creation. It is within this Self Love that all exists. This Self Love is God, for it gives birth to itself. We could thus say that 'God is self-birthing' or that 'Love is self-birthing.' Both statements are valid. Self Love does not mean Selfish Love but Loving One's Self in the understanding the one unifying source from which all springs forth and in which all exists.  It is this Love-realization that leads to seeing all Life in the same unifying light of Love. God is Self Love; Self Love underwrites existence. Love Self for you are made in the image of God!
~ Wald Wassermann