What Creates the Spiral Shapes in Galaxies and Nature?

From hurricanes to spiral galaxies, from Nautilus Shells to Romanesque Cauliflowers, spiral patterns seem omnipresent in our universe. The answer to the question as to why the spiral designs exactly seem so omnipresent in our universe and the natural world is quite simple really; it is the Eigenkollaps. Spiral galaxies form by themselves for Self-Love lies at the heart existence.  In order to understand one must see 'existence as One' with Self-Love as One's OS. Self Love is the path of One's least resistance, seen in the structure of massive galaxies and the expanding universe. As a biologist, I would say that the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature is Nature loving itself but as a philosopher, I prefer to describe it as "Love Self-Birthing Itself'. The Eigenkollaps is what I previously described as 'Self-Love'; it is the collective consciousness that collapses the quantum wave function in order to create itself (The Fibonacci SpiralGolden Ratio aka Golden Mean, Phi, Quantum Mechanical Spin et Al; the list is endless for they are all One). One's Eigenkollaps can be seen as the 'Self-Loving One' that humankind names God for it definitely has control over itself aka cosmic totality/allness/everything (after all it is itself for it is the totality of cosmic consciousness since self-inception). Self-Love is the operating system of One's Self (the Universe, Earth, and Life). One's Fibonacci Sequence is Self Love. I am quite possibly wrong about all of the above; after all, what do I know? Regardless, humankind must know that Self Love is the very heart of creation. We can thus call this One Love; or combine the two words together to obtain an even more cheerful result for yes indeed; Love unfolds its Self like a Lotus Flower.  It is so true.  The Cosmos is One Consciousness with its very own checks and balances. This leads me from the Golden Mean to the Golden Rule and its importance, but that is a story for next time. In the time being, it should be noted that most of us, including those in the sciences, already realize that Love is at the center of creation. This is why everyone is so very very happy.  I suggest Steven Girvin if you are interested in quantum physics (for he knows), and, besides the obvious funny cat videos, Bill Alexander painting Snowy Mountain. Namaste. I Love you all; all One!
~ Wald Wassermann