See all as Love for all is Love in Reality.

Love is the reality of existence. All that exists is Love for nothing can exist outside Love. See all as Love for all is Love at different stages of self-realization. What it means is that 'All is Love; all do not realize it.' People cause hurt to themselves and each other due to incomplete self-realization or confusion: the self is always Love. If people were to realize they were Love itself; they would see all Life as Love for in reality; 'we exist as one unity of Love.' All of us exist within the whole. The whole is Love. Separation is illusory. Nothing exists that is not Love. Like sunflower seeds, we are part of the sunflower head in which we are contained without realizing it. The sunflower head is Love. Love is allness or cosmic totality. All of us are fully Love. Love is a requirement for existence to be.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos