divinity of love

love exists in all so love all

love all - all is one - one in love

definition of live is love as love gives life

love is all ~ all is love

you are the love of my life

love is our nature

love & relationships - the matter of loving vibrations

love is the intention that illuminates your universe

love first and foremost - loving signs of the universe

all is one in love

love is the awakening

unconditional love: the true loving meaning of life

loves shines bright - star in the night

all is love - true meaning

universal loving kindness

love is the reason of life

love gives life to all

love creates all so all is one in love

love is real

life is love as love creates life

you make me so very happy

love illuminates all

proof true love exists

love is innate in all

the greatest gift of all: love creates life

love all

Love, as you are, love, as all is

love is ~all~ is love

the mystery of life is love


love, as you are

short love quote

Smile as it is the rainbow of your soul

Love is the kindness that allows human-kind to be

Love Before Thinking

Signal from the Cosmos: Goodness

Signal from the Cosmos: Love Each Other

Cosmic Equation

Short Cosmic Quote about the Dance of the Universe

Cosmology: Truth in Clarity in Truth

Live Life through Love - Message from the Cosmos

The Essence of Life is You

The True Meaning of Life is Love

It's not about parts, it's not about sums. It's about you.

You are, therefore you can...

You 'are' unlimited potential

Proof that Miracles Still Happen Today - You are the Miracle

What is Oneness? A Universal Poem of Compassion by Thich Nhat Hanh