past present future rolled into one; love

The origin and purpose of life is love. Life is lived in love. Love is the genetic memory of all life on earth. Love materializes energy into condensed matter in order to create and sustain life. It naturally does not end with life as this loving energy always 'is' in the now as it is the current that upholds all species. After all that is said and done, love is always where we find ourselves. What it means is that wherever we go, we are always home. Love is where we all find ourselves. There is no beginning neither an end. Love is always and forever more. It always is and continues. Love simply is everything. Past, Present, Future are rolled into this one loving current. This loving moment(um) supersedes time and space. It is always in this current. Love is forever and ever and ever knowing neither beginning or end. Your belief is your ultimate reality. Belief in love as you, your loved ones and the entire universe is really 'One in Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann