we are all one - all is love - one source

To all citizens of earth, the planet humming with love. Life is a gift. What a beautiful gift you all are. Such a gift. You are so very beautiful. So miraculous. I love you so very very much... How can I explain. You are the love as it is the meaning. You hold the love within. You light up my universe. You hold the universe within. You love yourself as you are a manifestation of unconditional love. Be kind. Be gentle. You are strong. You are One. You are the loving belief as you already are the love. Understanding leads to the awareness that all is one within the source of love. Love yourself. Love one another. All is one. Lovingly one. Shelter the weak. Protect new life. Love your enemy. There is no enemy. There is only me. Help those up who have fallen. It is you in the current. It will make you rise so all can rise in the present. 'All' are love letters from the cosmos. Love is the true universal unity of One. It is the fabric of the cosmos. There is only one source. The source is one. One sea of Love. One loving energy. The energy that creates life is love. Please love.