A Beautiful New World: Peace on Earth: That Loving Feeling

SNAP. The world had changed overnight. Swoosh. A veil had been lifted. The world was as it was once, ONE as in 1, once again. People happy. Happy helping people. Helping happy people. There was this indescribable feeling of joy and harmony that brought with it eternal peace on earth from that day forward. Gone were fear, anger and sadness. People tried to read these words and they still could... but somehow... somehow... these words had inexplicably lost their meaning. Nobody understood why they had even existed or what they were meant to say. What was their purpose? Why were they written? They tried, they really tried so very hard. Scholars studied them for centuries to no avail. The words became dusty and were eventually forgotten. Just like that. They had lost their meaning. It just happened. Somehow. It just happened. The world had changed as by the blink of the eye. Like we collectively realized that heaven was this place we call earth. I guess we were always home but had forgotten. The change brought everyone together in unison. A new world. A beautiful place. A new beautiful beginning. This was real. It is so very real. Everything has felt so very good ever since. It is now as it was meant in the beginning. Yes, I still remember that day. The day of change. That day everyone woke up in this world we live in now. Such a beautiful day. Nobody would ever understand what caused the change. But it did not matter for all is now good in the horn of plenty. Beautiful new words are coming into being to describe these heavenly feelings. I am so happy we are all one now. All beings working together for the common good. The good of all for one and one for the good of all. Earth, overjoyed, so happy bestowing everyone with abundance and infinite bliss. Gone are the sorrows. Here is the healing. Every moment always ever better. Love plenty. Plenty of Love. Always loving. Loving all. All lovingly one. This day is that day today as it is this moment is time. The day Love changed the world. That lovely day that changed it all. What a feeling. Such a wonderful feeling. Love, so much love! Always getting better.
Wald Wassermann