All the World’s a (Really Beautiful) Stage

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts.

~ 1599, William Shakespeare.

De weereld is een speel tooneel.
Elck speelt zyn rol en kryght zyn deel.

~ 1637, Joost van den Vondel.

The world certainly appears to some of us like a theater stage but it certainly is very real (to deny its reality is to ultimately deny yourself). Yes, we receive our roles and we play our parts; it's what we call life. Each part, each role, it is uniquely ours but all of us are equally important. We share in the same purpose; to bring about a better world which naturally happens just by being whom we are. Our differences, when bundled together, are our true strength, and make the reality that is the play of life a standout performance. It is indeed reassuring to know that this is but one of many acts of life. Practice makes progress, each performance always an improvement. This is why life is always getting better when perceived from the universal perspective.

What matters is that we are all performing on the same stage in the current; this one beautiful earth. We naturally live a life of purpose. Yet it is also in our nature to better ourselves as we aim to improve our 'collective' stage performance. We are (bio)logically inclined to uplift those who appear with us on the same earthly stage. Uplifting one another comes completely natural to us as altruism is part of the genetic memory of all life on this planet. We do our best whenever we can, wherever we can, to the best of our own unique abilities. This to allow all participants an equal opportunity to shine golden underneath the same universal stage lighting.

After this act ends the curtain will fall but it will reopen under rapturous applause. We will therefore reappear again, take our bows, join our hands and raise our arms together. All of us permanently illuminated by the same source of love that underwrites all matters of the universe.

We are predestined to reach out across the illusionary aisle sooner or later. As humankind is united in its essential nature and is divided only in those things that are of secondary importance. So why not do it now? Each moment present us with a choice. So why not choose the positive as it is positively love that unites us all?

What goes on behind the stage and what mystery lies behind the theater? Perhaps it is no mystery. The secret of the universe appears to be only limited by the common belief we have in our dreams. Our dreams bring about the reality of this ever-improving world of ours, especially when these dreams are bundled together. It appears our reality is a delayed infinity mirror of our collective mindset; our positive thoughts; this matter of our common loving energy. There are therefore no limits to what we can accomplish if humankind comes together for the greater good. This is why we stand united in our common belief to positively dream our most beautiful dreams. To find solutions where there are problems. For together as one, we truly shine golden on earth as it is in heaven.

~ Wald Wassermann

Similar to Shakespeare and van den Vondel is the piece titled 'Dans l'Échange' by the French poet Paul Claudel (created in 1893).