محبت سب کا خدا ہے

Cinta adalah Tuhan Semua

Liefde is God van Alles


El amor es Dios de 'Todo'

El Amor es el Dios de Todos

प्रेम सबैको परमेश्वर हो।

Ang pag-ibig ay Diyos ng Lahat


Sevgi hamının Allahıdır

Սերը բոլորի Աստվածն է

Любовь - это Бог Всего

Любовта е Бог на всички

A szeretet mindent Isten

Ljubezen je Bog Vsega

Lubirea este Dumnezeul tuturor

Love: We Are Source Sparks

One Loving Nature

Forward, Upward, Onward; as One

Noster Nostri

The Universal Language is Love

So as Love is Source so is Love Home

There's Such a Thing as Everlasting Love

To Thine Own Self Be True

Love is You

الحب روح الكون لولاه لمـا

Being Love As You Are

Awakening to Your True Self and Seeing Only Love

The Message of Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness

हम भक्ति हैं।

Love Matters Most: Tell Someone "I LOVE YOU"

Discover Your Self as Love

Caritas Via Est - Love Is The Way

The Proof of God is Self-Evident.

One's True Nature is Harmonious

Love is Home

Our Nature is Love as God is Love: All is One in Unison

L'Amour est le Dieu le Plus Pur

Love is Innate to All

This Energy

Let's Find Ourselves in Love Again

Creation is an act from Love

Let us Love More and Judge Less

It is Love What We Are

Being Love

Be Kind To Yourself (And One Another): Love & Forgive

Love is the Illuminator of Life

Discovering Your True Self: You Are Love

What is Ultimate Reality? Love from Cosmos

As One For We Are

The Source of Life in Our Universe is Self Love; it is Self


Contemplating Love in the Beauty of Nature

Realizing Truth

Caritas Spiritus Sanctus Est

Love Feels Right in Every Language ~ Bhutan

Meditation: Blessings of Love for Peace

For With Love Nothing is Impossible

The Light of Love is Truth

... as such we go forward.

Love is Origin, Purpose and Destiny

Love Illuminates All Without Distinction

Brahman is Self-Love (Itself).

Reality is NOT merely an illusion, (albeit the quote is a very persistent one).

Love is the Future of Humanity

What leads to Peace? Love accepting it is Love.

On the Origin of the Word God and the Importance of Self-Love.

Re-Discovering Yourself as Pure Unconditional Love

Liefde is de Bron van het Leven: Herkomst/Doel/Toekomst

Meaning of φιλαυτία (philautia) in Ancient Greek-English Dictionary

Love Becoming Aware of Itself.

Love Feels Right in Every Language ~ Russia

We Are Love: Awakening in Love

Together as Love

انت الحب.

Angels of Love on Earth

Love-Acceptance leads to Heaven on Earth.

Love is the Allness of Everything

אהבה היא מקור החיים


Love is the Way and the Way is Love: One (道 = 愛)


Lifting the Veil

Mantra for Universal Love



Love Happens Naturally

Creation is First and Foremost an Act of Love

The Birthplace of Humankind

What's More Important: Love or Truth?

Любов є вічним джерелом.

Love - for it is All

The Nature of Your True Self is Love

Моя Любов. Ти Любов!

Dragostea mea, te iubesc.

Love Heals All

The Highest Universally 'Real' and 'Factual' Truth; Love

Alles is één, één is Zelfliefde.

Tant d'Amour...

Любов є джерелом, метою і призначенням.

Love is Always and Forever More

Meaning of Life: Human Origin, Purpose and Destiny


Everything is Love

The Nature of Love Unites Us All


Defining Ourselves as Love

الحب ، هذا ما نحن عليه.

Love is Eternal

Love; it keeps on giving

Wake up! Rise up! For You Are Love!

Love is You

Love Yourself for YOU are the Light

Love: It's What We Have in Common

Is Love All-Inclusive? Yes

L'amore Vero è un Dono Senza Fine

This First Noble Truth is All-Evident: Love

Realizing Your True Nature ~ Compassion