The Source of Life in Our Universe is Self Love; it is Self

God (Source) and the Intention are One and the same. We know it mostly by its common name: 'Love' although it is genuinely much higher than Love. This Cosmic Love is the primordial current, which is always in the eternal now; it is origin, purpose, and destiny. Naturally, we can call it One(ness), Absolute, Ultimate Reality, Cosmic Consciousness, Nature, the Way, Universe, Cosmos, Et al. I call it Self Love for the simple reason that Self Love is the source of its Self; the Self-Loving oneness we call existence for a better lack of a name. Before you read on I want you to remember the following sentence for it matters most; 'You are born from Love, you live Life as Love and you return to Love.' It is what you must never forget. The most basic way to explain it is that Love illumines all matter. This illuminated matter... we call it Life. We, Life, are sparks from source; the source is indescribable, but these are the words: Pure Love, Warmth, Engulfing, Bliss, Joy, Home, Happiness. It is basically 'Love-matter' what we essentially are. This is why we tend to look for (romantic) love our entire life as Love is Source; our true home. In reality, in this beautiful world of ours, there is, therefore honestly nothing that divides us. As all of us are part of the same all-inclusive source which always 'is.' It is Love and only Love that underwrites us all without exception. Let us continue to grow in the clarity of this truth, for we always find ourselves in one another. All is One quite literally so; One Unity of Love. Please have no fear; Love is truly always near. Please just remember; God is One.
~ Wald Wassermann. Love is Truth.