Are 'We' Love? Could It Be?

--- Are 'We' Love? I mean really... could it be? That we are it? That I, you, well, I mean essentially all of us, collectively are Love in actuality; its manifestation? That we and all of nature's kind truly are the embodiment of this universal force of energy that we call the source? ---

These are some of the questions humanity pondered about at the beginning of the 21st century before they entered the true age of enlightenment. It happened not so long ago my child. This beautiful, wondrous shift that finally set things right had changed our collective destiny. So here we are. Together today as one. One in Love. For we now all realize that 'Love is Source.' The real source of all life as it unites us all in unison.

We are now finally aligned, aligned with our innate purpose, free at last, for we have found our home in Love. What caused the shift remains a mystery. On the surface, the most apparent cause of humankind's awakening to their new age of reason was the suffering they had brought upon themselves through centuries of blind selfishness. Perhaps humanity was finally fed up, ready to collectively move on, to lay down their arms, to find one another, to see themselves for who they were — the manifestation of the most significant source in the universe that is none other than Love itself. We may never know which tides brought in the ships of change but what matters now is that we are happy together as one in the realization that 'We Are Love Personified.'

~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos for Love is Truth