The Self-Birthing Universe is The Self-Loving One (God).

The Self-Birthing Universe means the Self births its Self (into its own existence). The word Universe is a (Latin) man-defined abstraction. It may as well have been called Self-Love for the meaning of Uni-Verse means literally means turning into One's Self (from unmanifest to manifest); indeed 'One's Self Becoming'. In other words; Love Self-Birthing Itself. There are so many words for it. Creatio Ex Caritate, Causa Sui, et Al. I suggest to study Ancient Greek for the true meaning of 蠁喂位伪蠀蟿委伪 and 谓慰蠇蟼 was lost in translation along the way (thank you Divisiveness and Lucius Mummius Achaicus plus consorts for holding humanity back +2165 years). Example: try Google translate. Type in 蠁喂位伪蠀蟿委伪. It sadly translates to selfishness which is the exact opposite of its true Godly meaning. To thine own Self thus be true! Self-knowledge is they key to freedom. Love Your Self; Love All; All is Love. One!
~ Wald