What Really Exists is Love

We can all find ourselves in the message of Love because we are the message. The message of Love is us. We are the Love letters from the cosmos. The manifestation of cosmic consciousness that is none other than unconditional Love. It is Love in its most pure form. This form is us. As we truly are the embodiment of the universal field of dreams of overwhelming Love. Love being ultimately our only reality as it shapes our collective reality. The reality of ourselves, the world we live in and our universe. All shaped by Love. So positively dream we must for we are the creators and upholders of our world of today and the world of tomorrow. For this tomorrow is sustained by the dreams of today. Today, then, there is no limit to what man can do so long as man dreams of solutions where there are problems. For where there are problems there are always solutions. The solutions are shaped by our thoughts of today and our aspirations for tomorrow. So dream, please dream, dream your most beautiful dream. For it is Love who you are. For it is Love what all is. As Love is Truth. This Truth for an even better tomorrow.
~ Wald Wassermann