My God. It is true. God IS Love. But so are we!

My God. It is true. God IS Love. We are the materialization of Love. We are here to feel. This is why we are. To feel. We are the expression of that primordial need! This expression that is life so that Love can feel itself. So that we, Love, can experience Love ourselves. What is Love after all? It is us. We are 'it'! We are Love, the word that became flesh... it is Love; US! Except perhaps, that Love is not a word... but this deeply human feeling that we all share; the innate desire to manifest into reality. So that we (Love) can experience Love to the fullest. Self-Love. One holy self-sustaining unity that functions as One in order to love and to be loved. This was the primordial desire. It still is today. To love and to be loved. It is out of that desire that all was created. We are the result of that desire. We are the manifestation of that Love. It is us. No wonder we long for Love, we are Love ourselves. That magnificent cosmic spark that happened instantaneously. The cosmos, our universe, earth, the origin of life, all of it! It all came to be out of the same desire. This desire for Love. It really is us. We are Love materialized. We are still evolving. This is why we, as a society are coming together. We are aligning with source. This source of all Love; the Most High from which all springs forth; yes, you can call it God, but I call it Love with a capital L.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos