Why do we need to love and to be loved? For We Are Love itself!

The need to Love and to be Loved stems from One's primordial desire that is self-love. All of us feel like we want to give love and we want to feel loved as well. No wonder. You see, all came into existence through One's innate primordial desire to feel Love. A single point of inception; One. This One that so deeply longed for love that it created everything in an instant; big-bang indeed. This is why we came to be as we are. It is why all life comes to be. This evolution of ours... all so that One could feel. To feel Love. We are the enactment of that desire. This desire for being able to feel love, so pure, so kind. This is why we long for Love so much. It is our everything. Because it is. It is us. Love is us. We are parts-, sparks of One. The purpose of Life is to recognize each other as such. To recognize each other as parts of the divine wish for Love. We can no longer see ourselves as separate for we are not. You see; we truly are the manifestation of this One. All the universe and the world's a Love stage. We are the lovers performing the act of Love in order to realize our way home is Love. It has always been the way from the beginning. Love is our reason-of-being. To realize we are Love itself. The time is now that mankind is waking up to itself. This self is Love. So together we come as we are.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos