Earth is the Temple of Love

The kingdom of Love is not of this world but represented in its most magnificent form on this world. Love is the ultimate reality. Earth is a reality of ultimate reality. Notice the distinction. What it means is that Earth and Life are the realization of Love, which is why this Living Earth is called 'Earth as it is in Heaven' for it is a creation of the highest. Life (the physical form) is a temporary manifestation of Love. But to see Life as only physical would be an error for we are Love embodied. We must, therefore, see Life as Love exalted to its highest level because Love, being in a state of extreme joy and happiness, brings forth Life. Humankind perceives Life as temporary because it fails to look at the complete picture. Compare it to staring at a single brush while failing to observe the painting (and in its painter) in its artistic totality. Brushstroke, paint, painting, painter; it all flows from one into one as they are one ultimate reality; this one beautiful eternal flow of Love. Now it is essential that we realize the infinite nature of Love for this painting is on display in a room full of paintings; this room is just one of many rooms, the museum just one of many musea and the space between it all is not empty but full as well. Ultimate reality is cosmic totality—the Cosmos, the Universe, Earth, Life, everything in its complete allness is a plenum of Love in which all of us are essential strokes of eternal Light, Love, and Spirit that bring this cosmic work of art to full justice.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos