Life, from a purely scientific/biological perspective, is Love

From a purely scientific/biological perspective, Love functions as a single self-existent organism that defines and maintains all conditions needed for its survival. But that would be self-denial. If we genuinely lift the veil that hides the self, we discover something much more wonderful. We collectively are this one self-creating, self-repairing and self-regulating entity that is Love itself. In other words; we are Love realizing ourselves, we are Love itself. Why does this self-realization matter? So that we can see each other as equal and uplift one another for, in reality, we collectively go forward as One for we are. Existence is One. This One is Love. It is who we are. We are Love. Perhaps it is time we, as a society, contemplate not so much about the meaning of life but, instead, contemplate the fact that we are Love experiencing Life, and, as such, hold Love as the highest moral law for it is self-serving. Love is this singular reality. In conclusion; the message of Love, to see yourself as Love and to see others as Love, is clearly evident in all of us as we are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos