Love has come home.

Humankind stands at the dawn of a new era. A beautiful new era of self-realization.  It has arrived for it already 'is'; it only needs to realize as such. We are now ready to awaken to our self; as if from a dream. We only need to step forward into self-acceptance. The door is open. The threshold has vanished. We only need to take that step, that one last step. That step towards self-love for it will release the burden from our shoulders so that we can come together as one. It is just a matter of time now.  But self-realize, we will, as we already are. It is so that we will finally discover heaven is this place called earth for it really is. Now is the time, the time we are awakening, the time we are awakening to ourselves as Love - for we are. Humankind is none other than Love itself. So let's embrace ourselves. And let us recognize each other as Love for we are; we are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos