Love is the Most Real as is the World

The world is not an illusion but heaven on earth (in reality heaven and earth are one). I mean, go out in nature, take a hike in the mountains and watch all of it unfold in front of you; it is so stunningly beautiful that it looks almost unreal. No wonder then that I always find myself saying "I cannot believe it, but I believe it' because it is indeed as if 'God is Love' created it; it is so shockingly beautiful. Perhaps then because it really is; Earth is the garden of Eden itself. Not seeing (it) all as Love is, in my opinion, delusional and the cause of all confusion and conflict in this world. All is Love; not all realize it. This although Love realizes it all. My suggestion; see yourself as Love for you are. Once you realize this you will see all as Love for all of it really is.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos