Love one another for all is Love.

The origin of the Universe, Earth, and Life, all of it; it is all born out of the unmanifested consciousness that is Love itself for it wants to feel Love itself. The purpose is its own purpose; Love: this is who we are; we are the realization itself, we are our own purpose. It is perhaps easier to understand this by imagining unmanifested Love. Wouldn't it desire to manifest itself so it could experience its heartfelt desires? In reality, the disembodied state of Love wants nothing more than to Live to be able to sense, hear, and feel - to be able to touch, to taste, to experience, to express feelings; yes, to express its emotions. Love is who we are and why we are, and yes, that is a miracle. We are Love itself experiencing Life which is beyond incredible for it took Love's lifetime to achieve this state. The reality of existence is that it is 'self-realization'.  We, Love, are realizing ourselves. In short; Love one another for all is Love. One final word: Indeed, the manifestation is not complete; hence, the discord and suffering in this world. We are improving upon ourselves as the process of self-realization is ongoing. We uplift each other forward as One for we are; always forward continuously improving. Conflicts in the realization of Love's dream (reality) are the result of the incomplete state of self-realization (evolution). All is Love but not all realize this. Perhaps someone someday soon will thus say; Life is Love's dream come true; let's, therefore, recognize each other as Love for we are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos