Maya is the illusion of the Ego; NOT the Self.

Samadhi, as understood in the West, is not what you think it is. The error humankind makes is that it confuses the Self with the Ego. Maya (माया) is the illusion of the individual's Ego; NOT the Self. The mistaken concept of 'the illusion of the self' is itself 'the' illusion. The reality is that there is only this One 'Self' which loves itself in which all other self-loving selves exist; this Self is known by many names (including God) but is One and the same. Everything has its birth from this One that Loves its Self; Self-Love is the state of beingness that is all and that all is; तत्त्वमसि! To thine own Self be True; Love Self; Love All, All One. आत्मप्रेम is the key that opens its 'own' door.
~ Wald