Is the purpose of Life Life itself? It depends on how we define Life. Let us first remind ourselves that 'Life is Love' for Love is the primal energy that creates and sustains the matter we call Life.  As such, it is fair to conclude that 'The purpose of Love is Life itself' for we are Love that has become alive. We are the creator experiencing its own creation.  The creator is what we call Love. The creation is what we call Life.  In reality, though; Love is One, and we are always in Love for Love is all. We can, therefore, call Love the most real. We should be brave enough to see ourselves for what we really are: we are Love that has physically manifested itself. All of Life is none other than Love itself.  It is us, Love, that wants to live to experience Life to the fullest, to feel, to Love, yes, to feel Love... for that is our primary purpose. To realize ourselves as matter so we could experience Love in real life. Which brings us to the essence of our being, our most authentic meaning. We, Love, have so much joy within us for we gave birth to ourselves, not unlike sparks that jumped off, in total ecstasy, from the highest source of all-abundant Love, for, make no mistake, there is such a source. We can find meaning in life by embracing this knowledge. Life's purpose is to live in Love; 'to Love and be Loved.' This is the essence of our self — this intense feeling of infinite joy that we call Love.  Love truly is sacred. It is 'that' what we all are, the grand design itself, all of us, without exception. Love. It is why we are, it is who we are, it is our everything. We come together as such — for we are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos