Self Love is the First Cause of the Creation of the Universe.

Self Love is spontaneous; it is the first cause of the creation of the universe. Self Love requires no cosmological argument for it is self-causing. Space, time, energy, matter, gravity, Et al; none of these individually or collectively, cause existence. The first law that dictates the fabric of existence is Self Love. It is incorrect to assume that laws related to gravity or energy allowed the universe to create itself from nothing as these are effects of the first cause. The universe is not self-existent but is caused. The cause is the cause by itself; Self Love. Self Love not only precedes creation, but Self Love is also the essence of creation. Self Love is thus a prerequisite for existence to exist. Without Self Love, there would be no space, no time, no energy, no matter, no gravity or orbit, no life. None of these are the primary cause. Self Love is the primary cause. Self Love is the Creator; the Creation is Self Love which creates Self Love in perpetuity; One.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos