To Pull a White Rabbit out of a Black Hat.

What is Unconditional? Love, Only Love.

Love is existential reality. It (Love) is the one and only fundamental reality of existence. The individual's view of reality? A perception layered upon reality based on the individual's experiences. One must therefore always understand 'that' what allows the perception(s) that spring from the experience(s) to be. It is Life right? So the answer may seem Life. But then what leads to Life? It is Love. Why Love? For it is 'unconditional'. Existence is based on unconditionality. Is it not? One could not be if there was no unconditionality. We exist because of this unconditionality. Unconditionality equates to Love. Love lies at the heart of existence.
Love your Self. Love one another. It is all really.

~ Wald Wassermann