To Pull a White Rabbit out of a Black Hat.

Love is a prerequisite for Life.

Love is a prerequisite for Life. Without Love there would be no Life. By using the infinite regress argument one must conclude that one can only be Love for only Love is self-birthing. This can only mean that Life is fully Love itself for it was born out of Love, this although that what experiences Life may not be aware of it. It is correct to note that literally everyone perceives and experiences a different reality. But the existential truth is that without Life there would be no possibility to perceive and experience these unique yet superimposed realities. Perceptions or experiences are thus ultimately mere superimpositions upon Life. More importantly; 'Life is a superimposition upon Love'. Without Love; no Life. Without Life; no perceptions, neither experiences. In that particular order only. Love is the reality of existence. Literally everyone 'is' Love. Love experiencing Life. And when I say Love, I do mean it in the literal sense. Everyone is literally Love; not philosophically but literally. The truth is self-evident. Love is us for we are.
~ Wald Wassermann